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Love After Death: Haunting halls of the purgatory. 

An instrumental guitar Ep meant to convey a sense of hope for those who are lost.

A mix between the classical and electronic realms. Intense stuff happening here.

Magic Elixir is a concoction of clarinets, brass and some woodwinds. Makes me feel like I'm playing a fantasy game shopping for some expensive potions.

The main focus for this EP: Guitars.

Acoustic, Bass, and electric are 

present with the few exceptions of other stuff as well. Honestly It's whatever fits the mood.

Decent Into Madness is a piano single. Originally named "Half Of ME". the new title is mainly for the ridiculous amount of midi notes and complexity to play.

Hidden Gems is an EP filled with mysteries and happiness. With woodwinds, stringed instruments and more. The art piece was derived from "Winter".

Available on Spotify and other streaming platforms soon!

Moss Meadow is inspired by Christopher Larkin's Hollow Knight and Silksong soundtrack.


A piano starts off the track with clarinets leading you into an adventure filled with mystery and danger.

Now on Spotify and other streaming services!