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Worldvein: Concepts

Excited to share another art form of Worldvein creatures with everyone!

The works are being put together for a bestiary, a kind of encyclopedia for animals, monsters, etc. During the Middle Ages (500-1500), the bestiary was a popular illuminated text in Northern Europe. A moral lesson was usually included along with the natural history of each beast.

Why a bestiary?

World building has always been my favourite part of writing, and getting a deeper look at each creature helps me understand the story's setting.


The rustic look of the paper gives the reader a sense of history, and that's exactly what I wanted to create. I've seen many conceptual artworks that illustrate a creature in a perspective fashion. However, I've noticed it is rare to see a collection of original pencil sketches compiled into the design of a single creature. There's something abstract about sketches that evoke a sense of mystery, not capturing the entire story and still giving room for imagination to run wild.

At A Glimpse:

The Worldvein no longer holds balance and is now on the verge of collapse. The spiritual planes are forever intertwined and strange curses have spread across the land. Knowledge is crucial to survive the new threat the world has conceived. Legend and myth now ring more truthful than the laws and promises of those from the Blood Veil Chalice. The fate of the world rests within a child with the potential to rise against darkness, or join together in its wake.

March 3rd, 2023,

Bishop Whitepine

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