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Worldvein OST: Volume I

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

The first volume of Worldvein music has been released! The focus is mainly on stringed instruments colliding with some ominous church organs. A total of 19 tracks have been added to most streaming sites, but only the official has 20. The missing track being the original "Ashwood" now known as "Village Of Ashwood".

Why a Piano and Harpsichord?

The addition of the Harpsichord was meant to compete against a soft piano. The two may be represented by the evil and good in the world. They create a balance represented by the two sides of life's moral meanings. Often, one will be absent and the tone of the track will switch accordingly.


The image used for the OST thumbnail was originally made for a graphic novel cover. Featuring Kerria on the right with her original character design and Valmore on the left with an older design as well.


Red plays a predominant role in the series, so I incorporated the scheme to have a dusty cold environment to visually enrich the main colour focus.


In my own opinion, Violins are crucial for sad sentiments in classical music. They invoke an emotional feeling that most other instruments cannot achieve. As fond of the violins as I may sound, the Cellos would be my favourite of the string family. They bring life to any composition and provide a perfect foundation for the violin and violas. I use these in combination with a double bass for that extra clarity across the entire frequency range.

May 6th, 2023,

Bishop Whitepine

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