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Worldvein Verse is a small collection of individually made characters for the upcoming series Worldvein. 



Reserving your spot


The Collection has been revoked due to high risk of losing assets. While there is still a collection being made, there will be a later release date once things settle.

If you see any false ownership over any wordlvein verse characters please report on any social linked at the top of the page.

Contributor List

The contributor list will be put in the series as an honourable mention to the holders of each character nft. The book will hold a list of 100 names each representing an nft owner. The owner with the rarest character will be listed first with the last being the most common.

It's all time relevant as to when the drop happens.

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Defining Features

Species define the rarity of each character, as well as the traits and quantity, to determine their worth.

There are no Doubles or copies of a character. Each one is special in its own way.

Character Gallery

Worldvein Music

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