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Passionate artist and musician, Bishop Whitepine, here to give a heartfelt life story.


As a child, I grew up with a mother who always sang, played instruments, and loved the fantasy scene. Eventually, the same happened to me, but not the singing. Instead, I devoted myself to art. A lot of coloring and sketching led me to discover this new technique called "shading", which helped me distinguish my early drawings from my new ones. Unfortunately, I couldn't grasp perspective with light, so a lot of my work had shadows going in all directions.

Through constant experimentation, I was able to reach my goal.


I was a huge fan of the dubstep and electronic genre during elementary school. Certain sounds were ear candy to me, and that became the motivation for me to learn how to produce my own music. Prior to all that I played the piano. A little clinky toy piano as a kid. I eventually took piano lessons for a year, but soon realized I would do better learning at my own pace. 

As time passed, I practiced pieces I enjoyed every day and that got me to where I am now. 


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